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Countless Elections Are Decided By Black Voters. Many More Are Decided By Black NON-Voters.

When comparing midterm to presidential election cycles, Black voters “drop off” at a rate of 2 to 8 percentage points greater than white voters. This drop off is more than the margin of victory in numerous congressional races and state elections.

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During midterms, Black voters ”drop off” at a rate of 2–8 pp greater than white voters.

What do we know, and what are we doing about this?

The Black Midterm Voter Project is an effort to examine the phenomenon of Black voter dropoff. Alongside partners Analyst InstituteHIT StrategiesNAACP, PushBlackVoter Formation Project, and others, All Americans Vote hosted over 250 participants for our hybrid kick-off session on December 5, 2022 in Washington, D.C.

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Black Turnout: The Marginalized Represent
The Margin of Victory

Bolster Black Organizers

Our research agenda is aimed at arming Black led voter engagement organizations with learnings, training, and tools needed to consistently activate the Black electorate, year after year. 

We exist to provide a trusted space for innovation, where organizers can field-test theories of engagement designed to increase Black voter turnout without the fear of sacrificing reputation or funding. Keep up with us our latest information.

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