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Tamer Mokhtar

Founder & Director

Tamer is the ED of All Americans Vote (AAV), a 501c3 nonprofit focusing on non-partisan efforts to engage America’s electorate by elevating turnout among young and diverse voters. AAV has run turnout tests across several states with dozens of coalition partners/grantees to bring about a culture shift in how Americans celebrate the franchise of voting.


Currently, AAV is deeply focused on reducing Black voter drop off from presidential to midterm election cycles.


Tamer also co-founded Investing in Us in 2017, where their team evaluated hundreds of organizations to determine which were mission-aligned and capable of bringing about scaled impact in the areas of technology integration into voter mobilization efforts, digital media/messaging, and turnout.


Prior to his work with Investing in US and All Americans Vote, Tamer spent two decades in scaled direct marketing, sales management, corporate sales, and executive leadership at both nonprofit and for-profit entities, most recently The Advisory Board Company and The Education Advisory Board (EAB). Tamer is a graduate of Virginia Tech and The Harvard Kennedy School’s Leadership in Organizing program.

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Evan Quaintance

National Secretary of Engagement

Evan is the National Secretary of Engagement at All Americans Vote. He is a recent graduate of Howard University and a voter engagement specialist. As a native of Florida, Evan lived and learned through waves of voter organization and mobilization. Evan has interned at the local and congressional levels of government, and has been a thought leader at such prestigious entities as The Black Policy Institute, Public Policy & Internal Affairs Fellowship Program, and Young Invincibles, to name a few. 


Here at AAV, Evan is tasked with coordinating and leading our major efforts coming into the 2024 election cycle, to include Rural Black voter engagement, spearheading the "Turn Up, Turn Out" initiative, and assisting with our URL-IRL learning initiatives. 

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